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Intervju s Gabrielle Jackson

Intervju s Gabrielle Jackson

Koji je utjecaj Millennialsa na današnje organizacije? Na sva pitanja odgovara Gabrielle Jackson, stručnjakinja za ljudske potencijale u ovom području.

1. To begin with, could you tell us something about yourself? How did your career start and what is your field of specialty today?

I have never been able to do any one thing for very long. By the age of 25, I had worked in the California state government writing legislation, run an education non-profit, consulted major corporations and run political campaigns. In each of my experiences I noticed the growing generation gap and saw how not understanding one another was hurting productivity and fulfillment at work. I began studying Millennials at work- what motivates us, why we work the way we do, and how other generations can better manager us.

I wrote my book 5 Millennial Myths: the handbook for managing and motivating Millennials to equip leaders in business with an understanding of who this next generation is, and how we can best be utilized. The book was released last year and provided me many opportunities to help small and large companies understand and make the most of their Millennial employees. I now have an online training management program for individual managers and HR teams to take to create their own Millennial engagement plan at www.millennialsolution.com.

2. According to your experience, what do the Millennials appreciate most at their workplace today?

Millennialls appreciate feedback and recognition at work. In an era when we have instant access to information, Millennials grow frustrated when they do not receive feedback on how they are doing (both things they are doing right and things they can improve on). Millennials also want to know what they do at work makes a difference. Just doing a job because it is asked or required is not fulfilling enough for us. We want to know how it is having a positive and appreciated impact in the company and in the world as well.

3. With tech-savvy Millennials and social media becoming a recruitment medium in the recent years, what changes in the selection process of these new employees?

Social media profiles are the first place that hiring managers check before contacting a candidate for an interview. Millennials have a comparative advantage as the first digital natives. They also have a disadvantage as a generation that has also become comfortable with posting their personal lives online as well. Hiring managers will now have to navigate selecting qualified candidates from a field of individuals that have a heavy digital footprint. Millennials are also using social media to be more selective of their employers as well. Millennials interview their potential bosses as much as they are being interviewed as well.

4. Millennials tend to move from one job to another more frequently than the previous generations. How does the decreasing retention rate influence HR departments today?

On average, Millennials change jobs every 2.5 years. This is impacting the institutional knowledge of departments in companies small and large. HR departments have a unique challenge of training new employees at higher rates than past generations. They also have the responsibility to work with managers to keep employees engaged and fight off high attrition rates. Employees leaving every two years is not only costly for the company, it also negatively impacts employee morale and overall productivity. The good news is that there are specific actions that managers can take today to keep Millennials around longer. I will be sharing five of them in my lecture.

5. What are the key points of your lecture at the WinDays conference? To whom do you recommend it?

If you have ever found yourself wondering, “What is wrong with the next generation?”, then this breakout session is for you. Millennials are misunderstood. In order to better manage and lead this next generation, you must first understand who they are and why they act the way they do at work. This is a very practical and hands-on lecture that goes beyond education and into action steps that you can take with you. This lecture is perfect for HR professionals who are hiring Millennials,  managers who are leading multiple generations and professionals who are growing frustrated with the next generation not performing as well as they should. We will address the major myths about Millennials and so much more!

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